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What Do You Like to Read?

I’m often asked about my favorite books and for me it’s a tough question. I love to read so many types of books that it just seems impossible to select one over another.

I enjoy children’s books, fantasy, thriller, mystery, self-help, spiritual, comedy, and romance. I will read just about anything that holds my interest while I’m on a plane, waiting for kids to finish dance classes or on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

I read gossip magazines, memoires, catalogues, novels, and comic books. I simply enjoy stories that engage and entertain. I love books that pull me into the world of the characters and I love articles that make me care about the subject. I’ve enjoyed poorly written books because of the story or the character as well as classic literature.

I love Shel Silverstein’s wit, and JK Rowling’s imaginative world. I enjoy Shakespeare’s tragic tales and James Patterson’s psych thrillers. If you ask me tomorrow, I would list others. There’s always more to read and admire.

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  1. cgraham cgraham October 22nd, 2015 at 8:17 pm 1

    Thanks to all for for your positive feedback!

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