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Fight until the end…

An excerpt from “Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals”:

“Brigara fought back with everything she had, and it ultimately took all three of them to bind her powers. They could feel her energy surround them. The power she possessed was like nothing they had ever encountered. Their restraint spell was holding her securely, compelling her arms to be held tightly behind her back and her ankles to be forcefully bound together. She spit and screamed in their direction. She struggled and thrashed her head wildly, causing her stringy, long dark hair to fall across her flushed sweat-drenched face.”

How hard would you fight to survive? It’s a question that many have pondered, but unless encountering a do or die situation, do you really know? How much does survival instincts drive our reaction or does love, pride rule or perhaps fear guide our reactions? In Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals, it’s about power and the quest for obtaining it…no matter the cost.

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